Meet Daniel BeeShepherd

Hello, I’m Daniel. Nice to meet you and thank you for visiting my website :)

This all is a work in progress. I’m at the beginning of a long path of learning and trying to decide which way to go by following my head and heart in generally equal measures.

The bees and I are based in a small country town called Castlemaine, which is in the Goldfields region of Central Victoria, Australia.

About 10,000 people live here and the town has a long history of beekeeping – I’m happy to be continuing this history and taking it into the next era.

I have a young daughter and all that I do is with her inheriting a happy and healthy world in mind.

I’m very keen on human-powered transport and don’t own a car. I usually get around using a pushbike and trailer, including when I service the bees.

Permaculture has been a big influencing factor for me and I try to incorporate its principles into every aspect of my life.

me with bike trailer

me and Rosie in beesuits

beeshepherd jollyroger