The Bee Sanctuary Project

The Bee Sanctuary Project is about everyone playing a role in the survival of our pollinating insects and our ecosystem as a whole.

Our aim is to find solutions through conversation and local actions, to promote the reduction of pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use and change over to non-harmful alternatives  in our public spaces, private gardens and properties.

  • We are finding ways to encourage local council to stop spraying potentially harmful chemicals in public spaces, ESPECIALLY around our children’s playgrounds.
  • We welcome everyone to become a “Supporter Of The Bee” by declaring the property where they reside a “Bee Sanctuary”. They will commit to not using harmful sprays, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides, avoiding plants that are harmful to pollinators and sew beneficial plants that encourage pollinating insects.
  • We suggest that those involved do their best to spread the word about this project and encourage everyone they can to get involved and commit to BEING THE CHANGE.
  • We encourage and actively support other towns and cities to set up their own Bee Sanctuaries.

The Bee Sanctuary Project was inspired by and hopes to work in conjunction with both Bellingen Bee Sanctuary and Adelaide Bee Sanctuary.