Bee Sanctuary Guild

Stay tuned to hear about this exciting collaboration of bee-friendly beekeepers.

The following are intended as clear guidelines of what it is that we ask Guild member to move towards rather than as fixed strict principles required for inclusion.

1.        natural comb in preference to foundation
2.        no medications chemical or otherwise
3.        avoid feeding bees
4.        a low interference approach
5.        no queen excluder
6.        avoid re-queening
7.        minimal use of smoker
8.        allowing the bees to live in one place without being disturbed instead of constantly moving them around to follow honey flows or for pollination.
9.        leaving enough honey for the bees over winter to the point where the main harvest happens in spring rather than autumn
10.      comb honey and crush and strain over centrifugal extraction is a far better fit with the bee-friendly approach
11.       providing the bees with homes that mimic, as much as possible the natural structure of a wild bee colony
11.       working towards self-sustainable apiaries

Currently working on:
– A clear explanation of how and why we ask for these principles to be implemented.
– Providing  *educational materials* along with examples which show that these principles can be implemented in practice and also the advantages (to the bees) of doing so…

* educational materials*  in the form of Beekeeping Classes, One-on-One Mentoring. written how-to guides and video beekeeping tutorials