Become a Bee-friendly Apiarist

Honeybees are a hot topic at the moment as we begin to realise just how threatened they are and how vital the role is that they play in our ecosystem. This has sparked a new wave of beekeepers to rise up who’s main interest is the welfare of the bees! If you have thought about joining this wave and providing a home for bees yourself, I can help you with that in a few different ways.

“I believe the transformative powers of beekeeping can save our bees and much more. When a person becomes a beekeeper it engages them with their environment and their food system. They start to pay attention to weather patterns, bloom times, other pollinators, pesticides, where their food came from, soil health and on and on. This ultimately leads to more sustainable living choices. The best part is, this awareness is contagious. You can spread it to your friends and neighbors. I like to think of it as, “pollinating hearts and minds”. It’s going to take a village to save our bees.”
– Hilary Kearney, Girl Next Door Honey

Beekeeping Classes
One-on-one mentoring – your hive or mine