Adopting-a-Hive allows you to be experience all the joys of having honeybees in your garden but without any of the hassle or time investment associated with becoming a beekeeper.

However, if you are thinking of becoming a beekeeper, this is a very good way to start as it allows you to experience exactly what is involved as well as pick up some tips during hive inspections.

We will place an established honeybee hive on your property and fully manage all aspects of that hive.

Hive adopters get first options on purchasing excess honey their hive may produce at a discounted rate. Or, we can work out an agreement where the first X amount of any excess honey is given to the adopter. But we always stress that honey should not be your the main interest in adopting a hive. Adopting a hive is about providing a home for bees, not harvesting products of the hive.