About Us

Of course bees are associated with honey, but we aren’t here to sell honey.

Our aim is to share information about the benefits that honeybees and all pollinating insects offer to both our environment and humanity.

We are increasing dialogue/awareness and  implementing real solutions to the problems that our pollinating insects are currently facing.

We are involved in the local community on a grass-roots level to improve our environment by offering the following:

Honeybees are often kept in large numbers together and constantly moved from place to place following flowering trees and plants. Instead, we have created a network of honeybee colonies throughout backyards in our local community where they stay in one place and are hopefully not moved at all. This means happier healthier bees as it provides them with a diverse foraging area and allows them to be more settled and in tune with local conditions.

We provide homes for the bees that mimic, as much as possible, the way they would live naturally in the wild. We do not use chemicals, medications or treat the bees in any way, nor do we feed the bees sugar syrup.

Some people call our style of beekeeping‘Natural Beekeeping’ but we prefer to call it Apicentric Beekeeping, BEE-FRIENDLY Beekeeping… or even BeeShepherding 😉


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